West Milton Cider

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Artisan producers of award winning ciders. We produce our speciality naturally sparkling cider – Lancombe Rising and traditional farmhouse cider.

All of our cider is produced through slow natural fermentation with no added sulphites or other chemicals. We start with good quality cider apples from our own and our neighbour’s orchards here in West Dorset, using a blend including Dabinett’s, Yarlington Mill and Chisel Jersey’s. We use 100% of the juice, pressed out in our cider shed at Lancombe Cross, West Milton. After a long slow fermentation which locks in all those delicious natural flavours and colours, the cider is presented for your enjoyment.

Order West Milton Cider via our new online shop here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apples and now pears. Exciting times!  Just like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex we are delighted to announce a new arrival – our bottle conditioned perry, and unlike them we have already thought of a name – Pear Necessity! This is a smooth, light drink made from dessert pears with a small amount of Bramley apple juice to balance.