Black Cow Milk Vodka

‘Our father made cheese, our grandfather made cheese, our great grandfather made cheese and our great great grandfather, yes, you guessed it… cheese. We were expected to make cheese. But we didn’t simply chuck this tradition into the bin. In fact, we just looked in the bin and saw how much milk was being wasted. That’s how the first pure milk vodka was born.

We were inspired by the greatest conqueror in history, Genghis Khan. There is something wrong about celebrating the despot’s despot. But we found something far more interesting than his blood thirsty conquests. He was the first person who posed the question “Can you make alcohol out of milk?” A great idea nobody thought of ever again… until now.

To the orthodox vodka makers, the vegans, our family and its 300 years of cheese making tradition, to the stockists that don’t know which shelf to put us on, and the government body that took 18 months to decide if a vodka made out of milk is actually a vodka… we’re terribly sorry.’Black Cow Milk Vodka (including one which is flavoured with English Strawberries!) can be bought online here.

PS… There is a lovely animated film by Cat Bruce telling the story of Black Cow Milk Vodka on their website – worth a watch! And lots of recipes!!