Nostara Luxury

After many happy years as stay-at-home mums, we were both ready for a new chapter in our lives. Stomping across the Somerset hills we had our ‘light bulb’ moment… we thought we’d take the plunge and work together. With different styles and ideas, but with a shared love of beautiful things, we decided to create a range of luxury home fragrance that appealed to us, our families and friends and now, we hope, you!

Our brand name ‘Nostara’ is rooted in the name ‘Ostara’, the Goddess of Spring. We felt this symbol of new beginnings was the perfect expression of where we were. We have created a collection of home fragrance which is aspirational, yet accessible, bringing a sense of luxury to the everyday.We are wishing you a warm welcome to the world of Nostara – we hope you will enjoy our candles and reed diffusers. You can order online here.

Leather & Vetiver-Nostara