Goose Slade Farm
01935 863735

Our family have been farming here in East Coker since 1923 and the farm still has four generations living on it today. We are a family business in the heart of our community and we’ve been practising sustainable, socially conscious farming long before it became fashionable. We are a diversified, grass-based, direct marketing, zero chemical fertiliser & pesticide, family run farm.  Everything we produce is sold straight to the consumer through our farm shop or to a handful of very local pubs, restaurants & butchers.

We aim to farm in a way that promotes the environment around us, produces tastier and healthier food and re-connects the consumer with the farmer.  This means that we don’t do things conventionally.  We do not use chemical fertiliser or pesticides nor do we routinely medicate our livestock. We farm Cattle, pigs, sheep and free range chickens and ducks for eggs as well as free range geese. All of our animals are hand reared and fed a healthy, natural grass based diet free from growth promoters or routine medication.

A wide variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, breads, snacks, preserves and other delicious goodies are available online here.