Solkiki Chocolatemaker
01935 873821

We began our craft adventures in chocolate making in 2007 when we were looking for good bars of dark and dairy-free, vegan, white chocolate.  Unable to find any – we decided to start experimenting.   We already had a life long love affair with flavour in general, handicraft by nature and chocolate in particular, but got really passionate about chocolate when we found out about fine-flavoured artisan chocolate made from special cacao beans and heard the first reviews from our early repeat customers. The beans have depth and nuance that are not found in bulk chocolate. Just a few years into the dark chocolate revolution we let our passion flow to handcrafting milk, dark and unroasted chocolate for everyone to enjoy.  Omni, vegan, lactose-intolerant, raw, free-from, gluten-free, diabetic, veggie… we think in chocolate we can all unite. Quality, taste, health, sustainability and compassion can co-exist!

As ethical chocolate makers – no people, planets or animals are exploited by Solkiki! We trade ethically by trailblazing Direct Trade that allows farmers to set their own prices. We never use any animal products and never will – and we work off-the-grid using renewable energy… (Now I ask you: Can you think of an excuse not to buy Solkiki chocolate? – ed)

You can buy their world famous chocolate – so many flavours – or join their chocolate subscription here.