The Watercress Company
01929 463241

Based in Dorchester, Dorset, The Watercress Company is a progressive and enthusiastic company. The purpose of our business is to produce the finest quality products in a safe and sustainable way across our farms in Dorset, Hampshire, Spain and Florida. To do this we have an amazing team of over 300 experts, from really well trained seasonal staff to specialist managers in production, technical support and commercial roles.

Our business is now 21 years in the making and was founded by our Chairman, Peter Old who has built a market leading company which now sells watercress, baby leaf salads and wasabi throughout UK and Europe. Innovation is core to our business as it tests our creativity and problem solving solutions improving our efficiency and keeping us motivated to achieve our goals and targets. We supply to a broad range of markets from Mrs Brown’s local grocery store through food service distributors and to national supermarkets.

Watercress is an amazing plant with unique health benefits. You can read about them here.