Donhead Apple Cider

When it comes to cider making our philosophy is simple. We press a blend of the best cider apple varieties when they’re perfectly ripe and let the juice ferment slowly over the following winter months. But that’s not the end of the story. The tannins in our cider apples take time to mellow and develop the rich, complex flavours we are looking for. And so we allow our ciders several more months to mature before we release it. As with all the best things in life, a good cider is worth the wait.

We grow all the apples we need for our ciders and juices in our orchard in Donhead St Mary. With an increasing trend for cider makers to use apple concentrate we think it’s important to maintain the West Country tradition of growing and using traditional high tannin cider apples.

So if you find yourself in Donhead St Mary, why not take a walk through the orchard and don’t forget to say hi because we never tire of talking about apple trees and cider.

Available at local delicatessen, farm shops and liqueur stores.

You can contact us here.