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Chesil Smokery
01308 456306
07721 756222

We are an artisan smokehouse run by a small team and our processes are, by and large, done by hand. Finely tuned judgement is frequently called upon to finesse cooking and curing times. Everyone seems to love what we do. 

We want to create delicious smoked fish, meat and poultry using traditional methods that do justice to the ingredients from our suppliers. We make all our wonderful goodies from animals, fish and birds that have lived the right kind of life.

You can order ‘on line’ (pardon the pun!) here.

The Flying Pig
01935 873825

Fine foods from the heart of Dorset, The Flying Pig in Yetminster has a fine selection of locally sourced fresh meats, cheeses and home baked speciality breads and lots of delicious healthy handmade foods.

Somerset Cider Brandy
01460 240782

Our farm in Somerset sits among 180 acres of cider apple orchards at the base of Burrow Hill. The farm has been pressing cider for over 200 years. In 1989 we were granted the UK’s first ever full cider-distilling license. We have been distilling award winning cider into Somerset Cider Brandy ever since. In addition to our Somerset Cider Brandy we make award-winning liqueurs including Kingston Black Aperitif and Somerset Pomona.

Burrow Hill Cider and Somerset Cider Brandy (bottles, crates or hampers) is available online.


Purbeck Ice Cream
01929 480090

Passionately produced for over 30 years on the farm in the Isle of Purbeck ~ Dorset, with fresh milk, thick double cream and an abundance of delicious natural flavours. We manufacture for catering and retail, in sizes to suit everyone!

The situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing daily and as a business we wanted to reassure you that we are following guidance from Public Health England and the Government to ensure we’re protecting our team and customers as much as possible. With over 30 years’ experience and our exemplary record, we remain diligent in our hygiene and cleaning practices and will continue to ensure that the highest standards are being observed from production of our delicious Purbeck Ice Cream right through to deliveries to our wonderful customers. During these unprecedented times, we are conscious that we need to support each other and will adopt best practice with our delivery drivers maintaining personal hygiene practices before and after deliveries are made and by our Sales Force team conducting business over the phone / WhatsApp / Facetime where possible. Our events team are poised for action for events that may – or may not, take place!

We hope that our additional measures will have little impact on your experience of ultimate enjoyment of Purbeck Ice Cream, other than keeping you safe and well.

Check the website for new flavours for 2020! Coconut Sorbet, Pink Grapefruit Sorbet and Vegan Rhubarb and Rosehip ice cream!

Noddy’s Cider
07749 614551

Noddy’s Cider started life in 2017/8 from the back garden of Noddy’s terraced house in Weymouth. It’s a family affair with one common goal in life – to make a cider that we love to drink.

It wasn’t long before we outgrew our garden but it was important to us that we stay local and so, in 2019 we moved into a beautiful old milking parlour at Nether Cerne, on the outskirts of Dorchester, where we now craft our cider using only the finest Dorset cider apples that come from an orchard just 7 miles away. We never use apple concentrate.

As we are a ‘micro cidery’, our products are sold exclusively at shows or events. If you happen to see a bunch of happy smiling people behind Noddy’s cider bar at a show or event, then come and say hello and have a free taster on Noddy. We love making cider and love meeting people, and always try to make time to ‘talk cider’. Plus, our smiles are always free!

Maison Elhoria
07833 663348

Based in Dorset, Maison Elhoria uses the traditions of pâté making which have run through generations in Sophie’s family.

We also offer unique, high quality artisan kitchen textiles, woven /manufactured in the French Basque Country and in the UK. Inspired by Basque, French traditional old fashion style.

It all started a few generations ago when preserving food/ canning (meat as well as vegetable) was part of the yearly routine. Sophie decided to follow the steps of her mother & grandmothers while living in Maison Elhoria, in the south West France, with young children and a large vegetable garden!

Everything from Pâtés, bolognaise, ratatouille, tomato coulis to jams were made according to the seasons and what was available.

Artisan tea towels, bread baskets and wash bags made from 100% Egyptian Cotton available in a multitude of colours and patterns. Woven in the French Basque Country and made in the UK.

Paté de Campagne; It simply doesn’t taste any better! Based on a secret family recipe, this is perfect for any occasions from light lunches to picnics!

Order online here.

Liberty Fields
01935 892430

Liberty Fields specialises in unique apple-based products, all made by hand in small batches using the apples grown in the orchards we began planting on our farm in West Dorset in 2010.

Our products, including Apple Syrup, Porter’s Perfection Vodka, Apple Balsamic Vinegar and our Dessert Cider, are available at local food stores and delicatessen. Click  here for stockists.

See also: Liberty Dairy

Langham Wine Estate
01258 839095

At the heart of the Langham Estate sits the magnificent Bingham’s Melcombe manor house, Grade I listed and little changed since the reign of Edward VI. Acquired by John Langham in 1980, Bingham’s Melcombe became the centre point for the Langham Agricultural Enterprise, today comprising over 1,000 hectares.

The Langham vineyard was originally established by John Langham on a very small scale. In 2009 John’s son, Justin Langham, decided to develop his father’s rudimental vineyard into a commercial venture, and planted 30 acres of land at their Crawthorne farm.

Our wines are made solely from the classical Champagne varieties Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier. Every bunch is carefully hand-picked and processed using a mixture of old and new techniques in our on-site winery. We adopt a low intervention approach and as such all our wines are vegan.

We only use the Traditional Method, utilising a second, in bottle fermentation, to produce the sparkle. Each bottle is then aged on yeast lees for a minimum of 18 months before being disgorged and aged further under cork. Only when we are 100% satisfied with the wine will we release it for sale.

The Tasting Room and Cafe are currently closed BUT you can still order online!

Vineyard Tour Dorset

Jane’s Grains
07429 939409

I am on a mission to bring a delicious and nutritious gluten free cereal to your table. It’s so moreish you won’t believe its so good for you. Temperature and timing is the key to bring the flavours of Jane’s Grains to life.

Granola that prides itself for being gluten & sugar free. Everything in this granola you will find in your kitchen, no nasties, no artificial flavours, all good stuff to start your day… whenever that is.

Available at local stores, farm shops and online here.

Fussels Fine Foods
01373 831286

My family have been farming here in Somerset for generations and I’m a passionate hands on farmer, one who believes in the value of good British food which is why I decided to set up the Fussels Fine Food Company in 2005. Now I can share the fruits of my labour directly with you.

I believe in the joys and benefits of high quality simple food ingredients, the positive benefits of sustainable farming, and in helping people to connect with them, which is why I created my single cold pressed extra virgin oil. From sowing to cold pressing and bottling, I oversee everything here on the farm.

This is an amazing product that is a real alternative to olive oil and it comes from right here! It has 10 x the essential fatty acid Omega 3 versus olive oil, a terrific balance of Omegas 3 and 6, half the saturated fat of olive oil, it’s high in monounsaturated fats and is an excellent source of vitamin E. Oh yes, and it cooks to a higher temperature than olive oil, making it a much more versatile oil choice. From dressings to frying and roasting, Fussels single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil will give you fantastic results.

Buy our fantastic range of dressings, mayonnaise, flavoured oils, sauces, vinaigrettes and gift boxes at local stores and farm shops, and delicatessen or online.

GC Cakes

GC Cakes
01308 862242


From a traditional wedding to afternoon tea, a birthday, christening, anniversary or a ‘just because’ cake, we can create you something to remember. Our cakes not only look fab but they taste good too! Choose from one of our existing cake designs or a completely new , we can make the cake to your specification, size and cost, from one cake to over 600 cupcakes , no job is too big or too small. Everything is made as close to completion date as possible and every cake is made with you in mind, so every order will be very different from the last.
Your experience will be a memorial one so let the journey begin and enjoy the experience!
Find us on Facebook.

Dorset Nectar Cider
01308 488382

Award winning Artisan Ciders fermented from sun ripened crushed cider apples, pressed at the orchard’s barn near Bridport, Dorset, then patiently nurtured to  create a smooth delicious cider that is fruity in taste and bursting with flavour. With the greatest regard to the environment and a commitment to ensuring the survival of orchards as a traditional heritage landscape, we believe the soil and the climate influence the characteristics of our cider and make it unique.

Online sales of Apple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Artisan and Flavoured Ciders.

Dorset Meat Company
01747 811077

We founded the Dorset Meat Company to provide you with the finest grass fed, outdoor-reared meat, produced sustainably and in harmony with nature. We care about traditional British farming which is why we work with 20 small, family-run farms based in Dorset and Wiltshire that produce really wholesome, natural meat. We believe strongly that small-scale farming is better for the farmer, the animal, the local ecology, and for you, producing exceptionally tasting, ethically reared meat that you can trust completely.

Buy online: meats, charcuterie, delicatessen and cheese – or make up a meat box!

Dorset Chilli Shop
07561 846040

The Dorset Chilli Shop has created the website just for you! You don’t have to shop around because we have done all the hard work for you and you can buy ‘All things Chilli’ here.

You don’t have to wait for the next Chilli Festival as everything is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

From the sweetest chilli jam to the hottest chilli sauce, you are invited to explore the chilli delights we have created for you. If you are looking for something in particular, please ask, we are happy to help! There are recipe ideas online and just a few of our chilli products are pictured here to get you started…

Crab Apple Catering
01929 505029

Catering for weddings, parties and private dining in Dorset. See our ‘dry goods’ box delivery! Free delivery in and around Swanage!!

And now catering for and delivering to virtual dinner parties held over Zoom! Email Julia (above) to order.

Bere Marsh Farm
01258 860284

Organic goat meat and goat milk from happy goats grazing below Hambledon Hill.

Available from Gold Hill Organic Farm in Child Okeford. Or see on Facebook.

Riverford Organic Farmers
01258 837586

Riverford’s veg box scheme began with one man, Guy Watson, and his wheel-barrow in Devon in the 1990s and is now an award-winning business.  Gareth and Gill Rossiter are your local Riverford Dorset Veg Team and will deliver produce from our regional growers to your doorstep – it’s like having an allotment without the digging!

Choose from seasonal veg and fruit boxes of various sizes, recipe boxes, or, simply ‘build your own box’ with your own shopping list from our fresh organic produce/dairy/deli/store cupboard staples/meat… and much more.

The Wobbly Cottage
01308 861620/867748

Danielle and Richard at Wobbly Cottage say homemade is best, and that “there is nothing more delicious than local food in season at the height of its juicy tastiness and unmucked about with.” Alongside bread, cakes, dressings, oils and preserves there are seasonal treats with veg, fruit and foraged things, casseroles, salads, terrines, puddings and cordials. Look out for their pop-up supper clubs. Their speciality is long-fermentation sourdough bread.

Nether Cerne Herbs

01300 432113

07779 299541


Eleanor Gallia is a Medical Herbalist (MNIMH), a shepherdess and a fledgeling  biodynamic farmer. Growing up on a Dorset farm, her imagination was caught at school when learning of the medieval humours which affirmed to her a different way to approach both health and farming. Eleanor qualified as a medical herbalist in 2001 and set up Nether Cerne Herbs, a holistic herbal practice focusing on the sustainable wild collection of medicinal plants and the integration of the individual within their natural environment. With a passionate belief in the vitality of wild native plants and their healing and restorative powers both for the land and the people, Eleanor was invited to work in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil at Iracambi Forest Research and Conservation Centre where she set up the “Iracambi Medicinal Plants Project”. Together with her horse Consolo, she worked with forest farming  families, revitalizing traditional health care practises and encouraging farmers to remember the inherent value in their forest land. Iracambi Medicinal Plants Project was selected as a pilot project for what is now the “Fair Wild” standard. Eleanor is deeply rooted in Dorset and runs her herbal clinic there, offering a range of herbal medicines alongside clinic hours for one to one consultations. She is currently converting her farm, previously part of Nether Cerne Farm, to the biodynamic methods of Rudolf Steiner.

The RANGE OF HERBAL PRODUCTS AND MEDICINES are made using herbs that have been grown, wild crafted and sourced according to biodynamic and FairWild principles.  Biodynamic Agriculture is a system of farming and gardening introduced by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. Steiner felt our modern farming methods were deafening the earth and the methods he introduced are designed to bring us back into alignment with the plant and animal kingdoms and the whole cosmos. Working with the moon and planetary configurations , the intention of biodynamic farming is to increase the vitality of the soil, our connection with the elementals and the health of the earth.


IMMUNI TEA: An immune boosting blend of elderflowers, nettles, cleavers, calendula, echinacea, pau d’arco, liquorice. Stimulates the immune system, cleanses the lymphatic system, clears the respiratory system and nourishes the adrenal glands.

TRANQUILI TEA A balancing blend designed to bring balance and harmony to body, mind and soul. Skullcap, chamomile, hawthorn, rose, motherwort, lavender, passionflower, linden blossom. A lovely gentle evening brew.

LUMINOSI TEA: A nourishing blend to settle and ease digestion and encourage gut health. Wild water mint, meadowsweet, fennel, chamomile, linseeds, fenugreek, liquorice. Perfect after meals and especially delightful brewed with a sprig of fresh mint.

VIRILI TEA: A fruity blend of Dorset and Amazonian love herbs. Oats, hawthorn, nettles, horny goat weed, damiana, jasmine. Enjoy!


PROPOLIS SPRAY: Propolis is the bees’ antibiotic, it is the resinous substance with which they they protect their hives. Propolis literally translates as the defence around the colony/ community. It has anti viral and immune stimulating properties and has long been used as a preservative. Blended with honey and ginger it can be used to spray the tonsils at the back of the throat for respiratory health and oral hygiene. Easy to fit into a handbag or pocket, it is perfect for keeping the first line of ones defense system strong and vibrant.

HYPERICUM TONIC: The sunshine herb. An uplifting stimulant and mild antidepressant, St Johns Wort sensitises us to sunshine, lifting our spirits and brightening our mood. Strengthening the nervous system, it can help alleviate the physical pain of shingles or the mental pain of seasonal adjustment disorder. As a treat this tincture is delicious with tonic water as a gin free aperitif. Not to be combined with medication.

FIRE OF LIFE DROPS: A Victorian recipe “when the fires of life burn low a few drops in a cup of tea have the power to revive and rouse the vital forces”. Chilli pepper stimulates the circulation, peppermint the digestion, elderflower the respiratory system, hawthorn the heart and gotu kola the brain.


CRAMP BARK CREAM: A lovely cream for cramps and muscular aches and arthritic pains. Cramp bark, lobelia and nutmeg ease cramps while rosemary, bay and ginger soothe arthritic and muscular aches and pains.

ROSE CREAM: For delicious and delicate luxury. Ideal for tired and thirsty skin

BORAGE AND BEE CREAM: A blend of borage and propolis for eczema and very sensitive skin. A baby version is available for this cream. It is extra mild, containing no essential oils, and can be used on extremely sensitive skin.

CHILBLAIN CREAM: Wild bryony bringing relief to inflamed and itchy toes.


The Monois are based on a Polynesian recipe for an “enfleurage” where the flowers are steeped in coconut oil rather than heated. Monois are seen as protection against the elements, be that wind, fire or rain. In Tahiti babies would be swaddled in it and the deceased embalmed in it. Protection for this life and the next.

JASMINE MONOI: Indulgent and luxurious. Lovely to soften and moisturise thick, dry and curly hair.

MARIGOLD MONOI: With the healing properties of calendula.

LANOLIN MONOI (For over washed hands….): Combined with shea butter and sheep wool for protection for the hands in this time of Hand Washing.


COMFREY OINTMENT: Nature’s knit bone, comfrey has traditionally been used to heal bones and ligaments.


Please call or email to order herbal products or to arrange for a consultation.


ELEANOR GALLIA (MedicalHerbalist MNIMH, MA (Hons), Dip Phyt

Nether Cerne Herbs, Lower Barton Farm, Nether Cerne, Dorchester, DT2 7AJ



Mere Trout
01747 860461

Fresh trout and smoked trout delivered to your home directly from the farm via our online shop, or find a stockist near you. We now also offer a reduced-price weekly home delivery service in some areas.

Fresh trout, cold smoked trout, hot smoked trout, roulades, trout terrine smorgel – all available online.

Rainbow Trout

Mercato Italiano
07827 524602

A native of Verona, Ilaria Padovani is a graduate of Parma’s Science of Gastronomy degree course, and her career in food has taken her from the farms that produce Monte Veronese DOP, to working with legendary retailers and wholesalers including La Cave Fromage and Gastronomica, supplying the finest Italian restaurants in London, like Locanda Locatelli and L’Anima. She has also worked with food journalist Davide Paolini for Gastronauta, and was mentioned in Dino Joannides’s book Semplice.

Ilaria relocated to Bridport, Dorset in 2013 and established Mercato Italiano ltd, supplying the very best and hard-to-find delicacies directly from Italy to foodies in the UK, with infectious enthusiasm, integrity and (ovviamente) passion.  Ilaria can be found at her weekly market stalls in West Dorset, food events throughout the West of England, and curating courses for restaurants throughout the UK. She has established a loyal customer base in the South West, and supplies a growing number of restaurants with both ingredients and her knowledge of the best Italian producers.

Bridport Basket: This our way of providing a selection of your regular Bridport Market shopping, in one basket, with the same care you would receive in person. That means delicious cheeses and salami, freshly baked bread, seasonal local vegetables, and a pleasurable bottle of wine delivered straight to your door.

Marcia’s Farm Shop

Marcia’s Farm Shop
07771 774006

Marcia’s Market Kitchen & Farm Shop sources the best local produce available to buy from the shop or eat in the café. They offer a breakfast and lunch menu at reasonable prices using fresh, local ingredients. Ideally located just off the A350 at Spetisbury, with plenty of parking and ideally situated to access local walks. Now fully licensed, they will soon offer a range of local beers, wines and spirits to accompany your meal or to purchase from the shop.

Opening Times:
Wednesday-Friday 10.00am-5.00pm
Saturday 10.00am-2.00pm

Melbury Vale Vineyard
01747 854206
07730 955593

Melbury Vale Vineyard is located just off the A350, on Foots Hill, about  1.5 miles south of Shaftesbury at Cann Bridge. We are a small, family owned, rural business, situated on 28 acres of south-facing, rolling hillside in the beautiful Stirkel Valley, renowned for its milling history.

Our sustainable winery, built in 2013, is adjacent to the Melbury Vale vineyard, where wine, liqueur, brandy and cider production now takes place from our on site and associated sister vineyards in Dorset.

You can visit us and taste our products at our winery (closed at the moment) or order directly from us, online or by sending us an email!

Lizzie Baking Bird
01305 816378 / 07876 541589

Lizzie Crow, now known as Lizzie Baking Bird, creates speciality home baked and handmade goods, using the wealth of fantastic Dorset produce. She has been baking since she was knee high to a grasshopper, plaguing her mother’s baking days by “helping.” Today she makes an amazing selection of seasonal breads, pastries, bakes, savouries, biscuits, puddings – wherever her imagination takes her – and it’s Dorset through and through.

Lizzie has joined with other Dorset producers to send out self isolation boxes

For more info and to order – sweet or savoury click here

Lavender Blue Bakery
01747 821333

Lavender Blue, run in Gillingham by founder Samantha Ross, provides cakes, slices and savoury goods made from the finest natural ingredients.

Find them in farm shops, independent food shops and delis across the region, and at food festivals and food fairs.

James’s Cheese
07703 277894

James McCall’s passion for cheese began in 1988 when, aged 16, he got a Saturday job with renowned cheesemonger James Aldridge of Beckenham, a perfectionist who “taught me everything I know today.” Working with other outstanding local cheesemakers, James has developed a range of award-winning washed rind cheeses. He judges at the World Cheese and British Cheese Awards.

Available at Gold Hill Organic Farm,  at or online.

Ebb Tides
07759 911125

Sustainable harvested seaweeds from the beautiful Devon coast. Processing the seaweeds producing mainstream user friendly products designed with the consumer in mind. Simple is good!

Consumers can introduce the blend  of seaweeds  into a recipe or simply shake onto their meals. Adding flavour, texture, colour,  goodness,  weight control benefits, low salt alternatives, economic and time saving.

Ideal for lifestyle changes and nutritional well being and transitional food changes including vegans, vegetarian’s  clean eating and raw food advocates.

Available online here.


Ivy House Honey

Bridget Bowen not only produces her Ivy House Honey, she also makes a range of hive products called Beesline. Her honey is on sale at Bridport TIC, Lyme Regis TIC, Groves Nurseries, Bridport, Little Groves, Beaminster, Antelope Walk, Dorchester,  Fresh & Fruity, Dorchester, Eat In Style in Piddlehinton and the shop at Athelhampton House.

You will also see Bridget playing with the Ridgeway Singers and Band at the West Gallery Christmas concerts and William Barnes evenings in the New Year.

Please email Bridget for information and availability of her honey.

Hotch Potch Gluten Free Pies
07919 406631

Hotch-Potch Gluten Free Savouries makes award-winning, high quality gluten-free savoury foods, using fine local and free-range ingredients. The range includes flavoured Scotch eggs, tasty pies, tarts, sausage rolls, arancini and flavoured pastry.

Their GLUTEN FREE savouries are available at local food stores, farm shops and delicatessen or email or phone to buy direct.

01963 23597

Honeybuns started with Emma Goss-Custard pedalling around Oxford selling home-made cakes in the late 1990s and is now a successful artisan bakery specialising in gluten-free cakes, snacks and savouries sold around the country. Sponge cake and corn bread mixes are new addition and Emma has published several cook books.

Gluten-free cakes, snacks and savouries are now available online.

Hall and Woodhouse
01258 452141

Founded in 1777 to supply troops stationed in Weymouth ready to face Napoleon, Hall & Woodhouse is a leading producer of bottled and cask ales, and has 250 pubs across southern England. Recognised under the Badger Ales brand, the beers’ distinctiveness could be put down to the use of pure Dorset springwater, the finest hops, malted barley and other ingredients.

Grounded Coffee
07572 377336 / 07938 592022

Arthur is Jon and Rosie’s 1976 Land Rover Series III which they restored and converted into a specialist coffee truck. They serve the finest hot drinks, including coffee, tea and chocolate, as well as iced coffee and a range of sweet treats. Find them at country days and vintage fairs, private events including weddings and corporate functions, and food and music festivals. In 2016 Arthur was joined by Rosie, a 1978 Bedford ice cream truck.

Now roasting their own beans, you can buy ‘Winter Nights’, ‘Single Origin’ and Decaffinated as beans or ground coffee online.

It tastes just as good at home!

Gold Hill Organic Farm
01258 861916

Sara and Andrew Cross and their family have been running Gold Hill Organic Farm at Child Okeford since the 1990s. It was one of the first Soil Association certified businesses in the South West.

The farm shop sells their vegetables and fruit as well as other local produce, including award-winning cheeses from James’s cheese, made next door on the farm, raw milk and Sharon’s home made ready meals.

The shop is open from Thursday to Saturday. Email orders can be made  for/by vulnerable people to be collected by arrangement.

Fordington Gin
07896 066982

Fordington Gin is a new contemporary gin, locally made in Dorchester. Ros Nelmes uses a London dry gin base, adding a special magical twist inspired by the absinthe botanicals. She works with wormwood, lemon balm, star anise, aniseed and spices to create a light yet refreshing gin with a distinctive flavour.

As a keen gin drinker for many years, Ros found she couldn’t always get a proper G&T so she set out to make one – and is now enjoying bringing the true joys of gin drinking to a wider audience. Ros offers gin talks, tasting and tea parties and runs fundraising events.

Fordington Gin is available online here.

West Milton Cider
01308 485235

Artisan producers of award winning ciders. We produce our speciality naturally sparkling cider – Lancombe Rising and traditional farmhouse cider.

All of our cider is produced through slow natural fermentation with no added sulphites or other chemicals. We start with good quality cider apples from our own and our neighbour’s orchards here in West Dorset, using a blend including Dabinett’s, Yarlington Mill and Chisel Jersey’s. We use 100% of the juice, pressed out in our cider shed at Lancombe Cross, West Milton. After a long slow fermentation which locks in all those delicious natural flavours and colours, the cider is presented for your enjoyment.

Order West Milton Cider via our new online shop here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Apples and now pears. Exciting times!  Just like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex we are delighted to announce a new arrival – our bottle conditioned perry, and unlike them we have already thought of a name – Pear Necessity! This is a smooth, light drink made from dessert pears with a small amount of Bramley apple juice to balance.

Forager Spirit
07859 912181

Forager Spirit handcrafts very small batch infused spirits, liqueurs, premixed cocktails and cordials. Flavours are derived from a number of foraged and locally or ethically sourced ingredients including wild fruits, herbs, leaves and spices chosen for their flavour but also their active compounds that may work as a digestif, an aperitif or to simply lift the spirits. Created through the collaborative work of herbal technicians, foragers, mixologists and the inspiration of 13th century monks, these are truly original, deeply sensuous and deliciously affecting libations.

Spirits, liqueurs and cocktails available online. Find us on Facebook.

Fivepenny Farm
01297 560755

Jyoti Fernandes and David Saltmarsh, with Kerry Hayward and Ollie Goolen and their seven daughters, run the 40-acre Fivepenny Farm on the hills above Wootton Fitzpaine. They produce vegetables and fruit, apple juice, cheese, milk, cider, beef, pork, lamb, jam and other preserves. They have a stall at Bridport Market every Saturday and Jyoti also runs a mobile catering business and campaigns for the rights of smallholders and peasant farmers in the UK and around the world.

Renegade Monk
01963 370857

Marcus Fergusson at Felthams Farm on Horsington Marsh trained as a cheesemaker at Bath Soft Cheese and is now making a delicious new organic soft blue cheese called Renegade Monk. The rind is rubbed with beer from Milk Street Brewery in Frome to encourage the growth of friendly cultures and moulds on the surface that soften and sweeten the cheese and deepen the colour – resembling Vacherin or Epoisses.

Renegade Monk – a soft blue cow’s cheese, drunkenly washed in ale

Find Renegade Monk at the Frome Food Assembly, farmers markets and local shops and delicatessen, or you can mail order through the outlets found here.

Felicity’s Farm Shop
01297 480930

Felicity’s Farm Shop and Country Store on the A35 west Dorset coast road is a real family affair, with Felicity Perkin, her son Tom and her sister Penny Leins, who is in charge of the cafe. Tom produces Bellair Haye rare breed pork on the family farm at Whitchurch Canonicorum. The shop stocks local fruit and vegetables, dairy products, bread, seafood, charcuterie, beers, preserves and more.

Feed The Soul Farm Shop
01300 341582

Alex Beer came to Cerne Abbas last year and dazzled the audience with her beautiful raw vegan brownies. Now she and her brother Nick are running Feed The Soul, a magical wellness cafe/shop in the village of Godmanstone. Nick and Alex specialise in mostly raw vegan food, great coffee and tonics to nourish one’s mind, body and soul. Pop in for a coffee and a slice of cake and look around at all the beautiful organic produce which is also on offer.

You will find Feed The Soul on the main road south of Godmanstone towards Dorchester (DT2 7AE)

Famous Hedgehog Bakery
01258 830852

The Famous Hedgehog Bakery at Long Crichel makes sourdough, kamut and yeasted breads the traditional way – starting with high quality organic ingredients, carefully hand moulding the dough and allowing it time to prove before baking it in a wood fired oven, using locally sourced wood.

The shop is currently closed. Some orders can be collected from Chettle Shop, otherwise they are ‘working their socks off’ to supply local shops and delis, so you will find their delicious breads there.

Easy Bean
01963 441493

Christina Baskerville’s Easy Bean makes tasty, healthy food celebrating beans, from Fairtrade one-pot meals to gluten-free crispbreads. The Great Taste award winning Chickpea, Moroccan Spice Crispbreads are handmade in Somerset, with nutty-tasting chickpea flour and buttermilk from the farm, topped with toasted seeds. The beanie one-pot meals offer a culinary trek around the world. Stocked at delis, health food shops, farm shops and food halls.

Also available online (via

Dowding’s Apple Juice and Cider
01749 812652

Dowding’s Apple Juice and Tower Brue Cider is from trees in and around Shepton Montague. They have their own trees, but also are given loads of apples by people who have multiple trees with no use for them. Wild Orchard apple juice is a blend of dessert and cooker apples, highly rated by all who drink and/or sell it. The varieties of apples are often unknown to the tree owner! The Tower Brue cider is dry or medium and acclaimed by those who drink it!

You can buy the apple juice (boxes of 12 x 750ml bottles), cider (5, 10 or 20 litre bag in a box, 3 litre pouches or 12 x 500cl bottles), and mulled cider (12 x 750ml bottles) direct from the premises, or online here.

Dorset Shellfish
07881 632311

Dorset Shellfish is owned by Caroline Drever, who runs the business with daughter Stef. They provide high quality, sustainable shellfish and sea bass caught by their own and other day boats working out of Weymouth. Find Caroline or Stef at Dorset Farmers Markets, food festivals and events, selling handpicked crab meat, dressed crabs, pates, soups, crab cakes and fresh fish.

They now have an online shop, where you can order all your favourite seafood.

Dorset Handmade
01305 780360

Julie Philpott is the name behind Dorset Handmade preserves. All ingredients are locally sourced or grown by Julie and prepared in her kitchen in Weymouth. A consistent gold, silver and bronze winner at the Dalemain World Marmalade awards, she also makes jams, spiced fruit, chutneys and mustards. There are new twists on traditional recipies – try them and “spread” the word.

Julie sells her products at festivals and farm shops, delis and events or you can contact her to buy direct.

Dorset Game Larder
01258 857206  / 07979 954187

Dorset Game Larder was founded in 2007 to turn wild game into marketable products. It now buys from more than 20 shoots in Dorset and supplies game and many innovative products to local butchers, pubs and restaurants. The DGL catering van can usually be found at many local events supplying hot burgers and sausages.

Find the full list of retailers selling our produce here.

Dorset Blue Vinny
01963 23133

Dorset Blue Vinny is possibly the most famous of all artisan Dorset food products. This ancient cheese was on the verge of extinction – rumoured to be available at one Purbeck pub – and was revived by Mike Davies at his dairy farm near Sherborne in 1984. His daughter Emily began making her seasonal Dorset Blue soup with cheese left over after markets.

There is now a pop-up shop at the farm, please see website for opening times.

Orders for delivery/collection can be made by email  or phone 01963 23133.

Dike and Son
01963 362204

Dike & Son, Dorset’s largest independent supermarket, brings together more than 150 local producers under one roof. Renowned for outstanding customer service and community involvement, Dike’s won Best Retail Experience at the 2016 Dorset Business Awards.

We now have a Box Scheme. Boxes come in two sizes, £40 or £60, and will contain the following: milk, bread, butter, cheese, eggs, meat, bacon, cooked meat, potatoes, carrots, green veg, apples, bananas, frozen veg, frozen chips or potatoes, pasta/rice/noodles, cereals, biscuits, squash, crisps and chocolate. We can’t send a list of brands, as it will be availability dependent.

We will confirm receipt of your order by email and let you know roughly when you can expect it. Then, on the day of delivery/collection from the car park we will call you to take payment over the phone.

Shop online here.

Please note you can still come into the store to do your shopping. Our new opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday.

01404 548262

Denhay Farm, in the mild climate of the Marshwood Vale, has ideal grass-growing conditions. Taste of the West 2017 gold award winner, Denhay is dedicated to producing hand-crafted bacon with a special cure. Bacon that tastes the way it used to taste.

Available online here.

Cranborne Chase Cider
01725 552715 /07745 802225


In October 2011 at Myncen Farm, Cranborne Chase Cider was formed. Bill Meaden set out pressing fruit from an unused orchard in Minchington on a homemade cider press. As the business grew from hobby to full time extra fruit was sourced from Dorset orchards and more trees planted.

Bill now produces a range of award winning still & carbonated ciders available in bottles and boxes that can be purchased direct from the farm gate and online. Cranborne Chase Cider is stocked in pubs & shops throughout Dorset & can also be found at a number of the county’s music festivals & events.

Cranborne Chase Cider available to order online here.


Crabbs Bluntshay Farm

01297 489064

Crabbs Bluntshay Farm at Whitchurch Canonicorum is a 65-acre smallholding in the Marshwood Vale. It has historical, geographical and archaeological features within its acreage. The farm includes a suckler Aberdeen Angus herd, sheep, geese and turkeys. There are several small apple orchards whose fruit is used for various chutneys. Flowers grow in two cottage gardens and wildflower meadows. A small campsite is open all year.

Crabbs Bluntshay Farmhouse

Comins Tea House
01258 475389 / 0781 3859311

Comins Tea House is an independent family-run specialist tea business. Rob and Michelle Comins personally source fine single-estate loose-leaf teas from around the world and work with British designers to produce their range of British teaware. They sell online and through their tea house in Sturminster Newton where they serve their fine teas alongside a locally sourced menu. Comins Tea House has also opened on Monmouth Street, next to Bath Theatre Royal’s Ustinov Studio.

You can buy their Single Estate teas online here.

Christine’s Puddings
01258 472010 or 07775 890386

Christine Willis makes award-winning artisan products in a Pudding Room overlooking the Blackmore Vale and the Stour. The range includes delicious puddings, sweet and savoury tarts and great pastry! She also supplies her unique recipe pastry and pastry cases to the catering trade, making it easier for chefs to cater for customers on special diets because everything is gluten free.

“In this difficult time, I want to make sure you can all access advice about how to keep safe with your gluten free diet. See The Gluten Free Hub

I will be working with other gluten free producers here in Dorset and also further afield  to make their products more accessible to you, along with my own products.”

01929 421777

Andy and Claire Burnet produce the finest quality chocolates using top-quality cocoa beans. Chococo sources cream, milk, honey, herbs, wine and beer from Dorset producers. Buy their fresh chocolates at Cocoa Central shop and café in Swanage or by mail order. They are proud of their ethical approach in sourcing products and packaging and their commitment to freshness and purity.

You can buy their chocolates online here.

Cherry Picked Hampers
07810 433501

We are a local Dorset Hamper company based in Winterborne Whitchurch, between Dorchester and Blandford.

As standard we offer holiday and welcome hampers, however we are now also offering essentials packs for people that are unable to leave the house.  All of our products are sourced from Dorset companies and producers, and this includes not only our ambient hamper products such as biscuits, crackers, preserves etc but also fresh produce such as bread, eggs, milk, sausages, bacon, butter, cheese etc.  You might like to send fresh produce to Dorset residents if are worried about your loved ones, to make sure they have enough good food and drink.

We are still also offering our gift hampers and postbox hampers for people unable to get out to the shops, who want to send a lovely gift with a personalised message.  These range from £19.95 and we are able to deliver to anywhere in the UK.  The types of gifts that people are ordering at the moment include Birthday, Thank You and Get Well gifts.  Our Postbox Hampers are especially popular at the moment and have been greatly received.  If anyone is interested in ordering this can either be done via our website, by email or phone.

You can browse and order your bespoke celebration hamper or ‘essential’ fruit and veg box here or phone to discuss the options. 100% Dorset!

Cerne Abbas Brewery
01300 341999 / 07506 303407

Cerne Abbas Brewery, based at The Mill House in the village famous for its giant carved on the chalk downs, produces a small range of craft beers, including the flagship ale, a monthly blonde ale and Ginger Fox. Try the beers at The Giant Inn in the village and buy them locally at Buckland Newton village shop.

Head brewer Vic Irvine and “gaffer” Jodie Moore share the belief that beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

You can buy their beer online here.

Capreolus Fine Foods 
01935 83883

Capreolus Fine Foods is an award-winning, family owned artisan charcuterie maker in Rampisham. David and Karen Richards produce traditional charcuterie with a flair for flavour, using state-of-the-art techniques.

Quality and provenance are paramount. Products include cold-smoked wild venison and mutton, air-dried beef, ham and pork, pancetta, lardo, guanciale, salamis and dry cured bacon.

You can browse and buy online here.

Alix Fauvel – Cakesmith
07795 482907

Alix Fauvel is a Cakesmith based in Cranborne, where she makes cakes, biscuits, macaroons and foodie gifts. Specialising in hand painted designs, Alix offers bespoke celebration cakes as well as cakes for caterers and retail products.

Search her online shop here.

A Jar Of
01258 818115
07815 108033

Tracy Collins has a passion for the art of preserving. Fresh ingredients are the key to great flavour. Using locally-sourced produce wherever possible, she makes small batches using the open-pan method in her Dorset kitchen, to preserve taste, appearance and texture. No artificial colouring or preservatives are used and any pectin is also home-made. She is now making a range of dairy and egg-free preserves too!

Tracy’s full range of preserves – savoury and sweet – can be purchased online here.