Our Sponsors

Thanks to all our sponsors for the 2017 Screen Bites Food and Film Festival, especially to Dike and Son,  sponsors of the printed programme.

Our principal sponsor for the festival is Dorset Food and Drink, the foodie section of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, which is hosted by Dorset County Council.

Sponsors this year include Olives Et Al, whose generosity enabled the festival to run for its first ten years. Other individual sponsors are Lizzie Crow (The Baking Bird) at Upwey and Eleanor Gallia of Nether Cerne Herbs, who both invited the Screen Bites caravanserai to come to their home villages last year, and we had such a good time we’re going back.

Dorset Blue Vinny, Thomas J Fudge’s,  Denhay , The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, Felicity’s Farm Shop  and the Guild of Fine Food are each sponsoring a night of the Baker’s Dozen.

Many thanks to them all