Events 2019


Friday, 1st November, Village Hall, Moreton, DT2 8RE at 7pm

with Purbeck Film Festival

Little Forest

(2018) Director: Yim Soon-rye

Little Forest is a 2018 South Korean drama film directed by Yim Soon-rye and based on a manga series of the same name by Daisuke Igarashi which was first published in 2002. After failing her college exams Hye-won (Kim Tae-ri) abandons her school and job in Seoul to return to the small village where she was raised.

Watch the trailer here 

Tickets: £8
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Last night at Screen Bites 2019

Tickets available on the door if booking is closed. See you there!!!

Saturday, 2nd November, Village Hall, Briantspuddle, DT2 7HT, at 7pm

Romantics Anonymous

(2012) Director: Jean-Pierre Améris

A bitter sweet French rom-com set in a chocolate factory that chronicles the awkward romance between two painfully shy people, both suffering from `hyper-emotionalism’.

Watch the trailer here 

Tickets: £8 (Bookings will open mid-September)

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